MSO Partnerships

A healthcare MSO or Management Services Organization generally provides practice management and administrative support services to individual physicians and group practices. These are entities designed to help you with the administrative, or non- medical, work involved in running a practice.

Benefits of a Management Service Organization

    • Management Services
      When you become part of our Management Organization, you have at the full resources of our entire management team to help you run your practices.
    • Quick response to issues
      Since we are NOT a vendor, but a management company, we work with many national partners and can quickly move your service to other vendors if the need arises.
    • In-House and In-Network billing
      Controlling our billing allows us to react quickly if any billing issues occur. We can quickly move to other in-network contracts without delays.
    • Lower buy-in
      With no brick and mortar or expensive equipment, we can legally offer MSO shares much cheaper than other physician owned entities legally can.
    • One entity, many possibilities
      Because an MSO can manage many different non-clinical products and services, we can easily add managed services and ancillary revenue with no additional ownership costs or entities to manage.
    • Fewer regulations
      Because the MSO model is the same tool big hospital and health plans often use to acquire private practices, there are no laws prohibiting the model, and its unlikely the big guys lobbyist will ever let there be.
    • Less exposure
      Insurance audits or investigations into your vendors will increase your exposure. No direct relationship between vendors and doctors can mean greater protection for you against time consuming audits and investigations in the event your vendors are doing things you don’t know about.

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