Pharmacogenetics/PGX Testing Services

  • Results include patient’s genotype, phenotype and recommendations for dosing.
  • Know a patient’s genetically determined medication metabolizing capability.
  • Guides the dosing of medications used currently and medications used in the future.
  • Results are reliable and useful over the patient’s lifetime.

Medellal Solutions provides a pharmacogenomics and medication management system. This type of testing analyzes how genes affect a person’s ability to metabolize drugs and allows doctors to make more informed decisions regarding drug choices and proper dosage.

The incidences of unintentional overdose-related deaths are exponentially growing. The Medella medication management system seeks to provide solutions for this developing epidemic.

Tailoring medication regimens to the specific needs of the body benefits both the patient and the doctor by avoiding adverse drug interactions, harmful toxicity, lengthy and unnecessary trial-and-error processes and accidental overdose.

Our pharmacogenetics department offers a comprehensive selection of tests designed to help physicians create a safe and effective medication program. Helping physicians understand how a patient’s genetic makeup is likely to influence their response to a drug allows them to better treat their patient, both in terms of therapeutic and adverse effects.

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